Inarno: Indonesia’s Stock Exchange is Stable, Not Too Affected by The Election

Direktur Utama Bursa Efek Indonesia, Inarno Djajadi memberikan pemaparan mengenai bursa efek dan pasar modal kepada mahasiswa STIE Kesatuan, Bogor, Sabtu (30/3/2019). Foto: tjahyadi ermawan/

Jakarta, – The political year does not significantly influence the dynamics in the capital market. The proof is that the average daily transaction value (RNTH) of shares is even bigger now, compared to the same period last year. This was revealed by the Managing Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Inarno Djajadi at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/4/2019).

“Not too (influential). RNTH is still IDR 10 trillion compared to last year which only reached IDR 8.5 trillion. So, it is still okay. Even if it is a bit slow down, maybe because there is an election and people will wait. It is natural,” he continued.

Perkembangan di Bursa Efek Indonesia secara umum menunjukkan adanya peningkatan transaksi harian pada tahun ini. photo: tjahyadi ermawan/

In addition to ensuring that the dynamics of RNTH will still be better than the same period last year, Inarno also explained the potential increase of the RNTH. Moreover, since there have been changes in the implementation of stock transaction settlement from three days (T + 3) to only two days (T + 2), IDX noted, there was an increase in RNTH and an increase in transaction frequency.

“After T2 there has been an increase, from RNTH and from increasing frequency. Last year, 382 thousand times. After T + 2, the frequency rise to 460 thousand times,” said Inarno.

Even so, continued Inarno, the IDX will still understand if in the dynamics ahead of the voting period, there will be a number of impacts that also affect the performance of the financial market. Even though until now, he had ensured that there was no significant impact.

“This symptom from the election is only possible, and this is natural. But from the existing presidential election, the effect is not too much. In fact, from the three elections there is no significant effect of the index and frequency,” he said. (tjahyadi ermawan)

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